We’re fighting hunger,
cold and displacement.

We are with those
who need us.

We help Ukrainian residents caught
in the humanitarian crisis brought
by the war.

Do you know how much we manage to fit into a parcel the size of a shoebox?

Eight kilograms of Good.

The Good we send means complete meals for three people for a whole week.

Those who have lost the city they love, their home and their loved ones; who live without light and with little hope, appreciate every cubic centimeter of this Good, whether they line up to get it from a bus with with a mud-splattered red cross in a village near Kiev, or reach for it from a narrow shelf in a Kharkiv bomb shelter by the weak beam of a flashlight.

For us, it may just be a box filled with rice or canned food. For these people – it’s life.

Box of Goods
is our flagship project.

We deliver standardized packages of food, sanitary items, and children’s products, each helping people to survive for several days in shelters or in areas cut off from regular supplies.

We’re particularly able to reach small towns, which other humanitarian organizations often can’t get to.

We have already provided over 70 thousand parcels to Ukrainian refugees.





Large family

We believe that Good builds Good

Even the smallest actions can bring significant change, and the sum of these actions is more significant still.

We want to change what we can, making the most of all available resources and opportunities.

Help us help!

Our story

We began our activities as the only organization providing emergency assistance on the Ukrainian side of the Polish border, at our Humanitarian Aid Center in Shehyni.

We provided medical assistance, shelter, warmth and support for those fleeing the war, waiting in queues kilometers long to cross the border.

We have now been working tirelessly in Ukraine and Poland for a year, striving to provide continuous assistance.

During our year of operation:

300 000

thousand refugees have received direct assistance at the border

3 000

people have stayed overnight in the tents of the Center


tons of food, we have delivered mainly to eastern Ukraine


volunteers from over 20 countries have worked with us in Poland and abroad

70 000

thousand packages have reached the hands of 130 thousand of those most in need

Thanks to our partnership with The American Service, your donations are tax deductible in the US.

Skontaktuj się z nami


Project Manager:
Marta Górecka, tel. +48 692 538 527

Project Manager(ENG):
Piotr Deutschman, mobile +48 512 800 878